Julia: A new note

21 May

This is going to be short but it seems a very interesting aside to my story on Julie, came out:

Meanwhile, the federal government has made scant effort to enforce the requirement that companies give the preferential rate to schools. The Federal Communications Commission, which oversees the program, has yet to bring an enforcement action against any carrier for violating the low-price rule, according to interviews and documents, some obtained under the Freedom of Information Act. And the FCC, acting through the private company that administers the program, has provided little if any guidance to companies on how to apply the best-price rule. Indeed, in 2010, companies such as AT&T and Verizon sought clarification on the rule.

“Time and again, we find that schools are rarely advised by the telephone companies of their best available rates,” said Howard Rotto, whose New York consulting firm has represented dozens of schools in the Northeast for four decades. “When representatives of the carrier do not even know of the existence of their best pricing,” Rotto asked, “how can such a rate ever be offered or known?”

I would recommend to read the article in it’s entirety.  It seems the E-Rate program, which requires CIPA (Children’s Internet Protection Act,) that provides school low rate telecommunications is not being followed by providers.

So the question I am left to wonder if the program is not being used properly, nor enforced, why are we as parents being forced to agree to terms and conditions apart of a program that is not being enforced?

More on this later after some more thought and reading.

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