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My little experiment…

Well I guess this is the first post here and I have to say this is a little weird.  This blog represents a sort of experiment for myself.  I have long held the opinion if you are going to create anything or do anything on the net your should control it.  Back when I started with any form of blogging, and at the time I didn’t look at it that way, I ran a gaming site.  It didn’t last long but in the process I learned a lot about CMS (Content Management Systems.)  I believe the first one I looked at was Movable Type and some other early failed projects that i can’t even find mention of on the net or remember.  When I first moved into setting up my own blog I had done a lot of research and settled on WordPress.  I had really wanted to go with PHP-Nuke but the knowledge of programming you needed to make it work was too much for myself, also add in the steep learning curve and it just wasn’t what I was looking for.  WordPress fit the bill and eventually I discovered Drupal which I now use for my company website.

As for that control thing I really have never used the online blogging software because of a number of a reasons, one being customization.  For the most part I would always throw EasyPHP on my computer and setup the software locally.  In fact when I went to the community lab which inspired this blog I had forgot how limiting online blogging platforms can be.  Where as with my hosting my own blog I would have plugin and theme options, and Blogger really limit the power of the software they run.  I understand it, but for me if I find this site too limiting I may just have to think about cheap hosting or roll my own hosting from my house.

And this brings up a very good point: As you can tell I talk in techese (technobabble for the Star Trek nerds) I hope over the course of writing this blog to introduce and acquaint you the reader with terms you may not be familiar with.  And of course if there is something you don’t understand feel free to comment.

I think the best way to end this introduction is with a comic from one of my favorite sites on the net XKCD, take it away Randall:

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